Tips to Save on Car Rentals

Summer is a busy time for the car rental companies as more and more people are hitting the road this season.  Prices are also expected to increase during the month of June up to August.  During the month of July, rental car rates will increase by as much as 50% compared to the rate during off season.  To help you save money during peak season, we compiled a complete guide on a different aspect that relates to renting your summer vehicle.

Avoid the Branded Names

You should avoid the large and branded companies and choose an independent agency.  Independent agencies normally have a low operating cost which is why they normally cost 15-30 percent lower compared to the bigger companies. Newer companies will also try to increase their brand recognition by offering a discount.

Finding Discount Online

There are lots of online sites that are offering coupon and discount codes.  Simply visit Google and type the name of the car rental company together with the word discount code.  The companies will also provide coupon code to their loyal customers.  There are also different companies that allow you to combine the discount and coupon codes that will significantly reduce the cost and online pokies no deposit.

Tracking the Cost

There are websites such as Autoslash that will let you check coupons and low rates on your date of trips.  In addition, you can also book a reservation on this site.  Normally, they are in partnership with other companies which will allow you to use discount codes.  By tracking the cost, you will be able to find the most affordable car rental during your trip.

Avoiding the Airport

Car rental companies that are off the airport are generally much cheaper compared to the car rentals on the airport.  For instance, the rental company that is located near the airport in Boston will normally cost $50.49 per day.  Those who will choose to take the subway will realize that the rental companies located off the airport will only cost $39.98 per day.

Reserving the Car for a Longer Period

This tip may sound a bit counterintuitive, but adding an extra hours to extend your car rental period will lower your overall rate.  This strategy aims to take advantage to those who will travel during the weekend.  This technique is like tricking the system thinking that you are booking weekend rental which is considerably cheaper.

Negotiate With the Company

Even if you already book a rental car, it may be necessary to see if you can negotiate in finding a better car at a more affordable price.  Those who do not ask will not get the things they want.  The success of your negotiation is contingent upon the number of the cars and even the mood of the manager.  However, most of the companies will be happy to place you in a less-popular and bigger car.

Finally, rental companies are also offering their cars at a lower rate to those who are willing to pay now.  The prepay rate of the rental company is about $173/week compared to the post pay rate that is $30 higher.