Factors that Determine the Price of Car Rental

Using a private car is more luxurious and enjoyable than using public transport. When renting a car, you have the autonomy to choose the car that has the features that you want. Besides comfort, you should choose a car that has the power to withstand the journey hindrances. When you are travelling to rough regions like the desert and forests, you should rent a car that has the ability to withstand the rigors of the journey. When you are going for official duties, you should also choose the car that will give you comfort. Special events like weddings and ceremonies might require you to choose any car that you find convenient.

Miles You Will Be Travelling

The renting agreement or plan is normally described prior to renting a car. If you are fueling the car yourself, you will pay less as compared to when the car is fueled by the company. The longer miles you will cover, the expensive the car becomes. The price tends to be a little but higher when you are going to risky places like deserts, rocky areas and places where the probability of car damage is high.

Taxes Imposed on the Car Rental Company

When the taxes are high, the rental company will raise the fees of renting a car because it wants to create profits. The relationship of taxes and car rental pricing might not be seen directly by the client, but the rental company calculates this and ensures that it is imposed to the client. Taxes vary from city to city, and sometimes high profile cars end up being taxed more than the low profile cars. This leads to an increase in price. Taxes are low in some cities which is why people might rent a car in a different city.


Dealing with cars is a very risky business, and companies do want to earn losses easily. This is why many of them recommend that you buy the Collision Damage Waiver. It is meant to compensate all damages caused by the renter on his or her journey. Sometimes your auto insurance can apply to the rented cars so the price could be a little bit high. There are other companies that do not require any insurance to cover you; they just operate freely, so their prices are low always.

Assessment Fee

Everything is well assessed after you return the car to ensure that it is not damaged or compromised in any way. This assessment is done at a fee because you are the one who used the car. When it is found with any missing or damaged part, you will be told to pay for that compromised part. Anything that is found to be in a different condition from the way you it was when the car was given to you will result to extra charges.

The bottom line is that you should always ensure that you drive safely and perfectly so that you don’t break the car or compromise it.