Expensive Car Rental Mistakes that You Should Avoid Making

Car rentals are a great way of getting around when you are in a new city. They are convenient, but they come with a lot of costs that can be confusing. Here are some common mistakes that could be costing you money on a car rental and tips on how you can avoid these hidden costs.

1. Buying Extra Car Insurance that You Do Not Need

Before renting a car, you should check to see if your car insurance policy covers personal liability and collision damage when you use rental cars. Most insurance policies do, or your credit card may also offer secondary collision coverage, which will cover anything that is not covered by your personal car insurance.

If you do not have an auto policy or are worried about the premium increases if you need to use it, then you should consider about using the car rental company’s insurance.

2. Prepaying for the Gas

This can seem very convenient at the time, but it could be a waste of money. You will pay for a full tank of gas, which you may not use. The best option is to fill the car up you. It will be cheaper because you can get better gas prices at a close gas station. You should also make sure that you know how much gas needs to be in the car when you return it. Some car rental companies will charge you if the gas gauge is not at the right level.

3. Not Shopping Around

Before booking a car rental, you should take the time to shop around. The rates for a car rental will depend on the company and the weekend that you are booking it for. There are websites that make it easy to check car rental rates, and you should also check for coupons online. Auto Slash is a great option because it will track the rates and will re-book your car rental if the rates drop.

You should also make sure what the mileage cap is. Most car rental companies will offer unlimited miles if you pay for the upgrade, which can save you money if you plan to do a lot of driving. There are some companies that have tight mileage caps, especially on short car rentals.

When shopping around ask if they provider a discount for ACLS certification online. Insurance companies will often give you a better rate if you have proof of ACLS certification.

4. Returning the Car Late

Many car rental businesses charge for their rentals on a 24 hour time period. Some will have a grace period, but you should avoid returning the car late. You will most likely be charged for an extra day if the car is late. The best option to avoid these late fees is to rent the car for an extra day. Many times, there are hidden costs when you rent a car. You should make sure that you understand what you are paying for and any fees that could be added to your bill at the end. This could save you a lot of money on your next car rental.