How to Get the Best Deal on a Car Rental

Whenever you travel, it would be best to get a car rental. Moving around becomes easier with a car rental. You do not have to depend on the services of a taxi in order to get to your destination, especially if it is an area that you are familiar with. A car rental is also convenient for an out of town trip where you have to leave your car behind. Maybe you have one family car and need to leave it behind for use as you go on your trip. One question that people often have is how to get the best deal on a car rental. This is very simple if you follow the following detailed steps:

Call Any Association That You Are a Member of

You could be a member of Costco or AAA. Calling these associations might help you get the best deal. Find out what they would recommend and place it on the top of your priority list. You may get to enjoy certain discounts for being a member of any of the associations. You could also ask your company Human Resources official for a recommendation. This would be based on the service that the company prefers. Every company always has a list of providers that they are willing to work with and their quotes.

Compare Prices

Do not pick the first car rental that you come across. This can be very expensive for you. There are always better deals out there so do not settle on the first one you come across. You can look through travel sites such as Expedia. Some of these sites even offer discount codes for when you book a car rental. Look through other car rental sites as well. One example of such is Look through the prices and the car models available and find the best deal. Compare the prices on different sites as well. You might find that one is cheaper than the other. It is also better to get rental services that are further away from the airport as they are cheaper. You will probably need to take a cab from the airport to the rental service and back once you are done with the car. Remember to factor in this cab fare as you pick out the car. This will show you whether the option is indeed cheaper than the one near the airport.

If you want the best PALS certification online for a great price it is important to compare programs. There are plenty of online PALS certification providers so selecting an option that has complete training at an affordable price requires some digging.

Cheap Model Rentals

Check for the cheapest option you can get regardless of the model. If you are not picky, then you can reap maximum benefits of the discounts offered by car rental services.

Finding a great deal on a car rental will help you to save a significant amount of money. It makes your trip cheaper in general. It also allows you to redirect the money you have saved to other activities. You could upgrade your accommodation or take on an extra activity if you are on vacation.

Things to Consider before Renting a Car

When you visit a new destination, you are probably not sure about the transport system. You do not know where to alight at, and you are not even sure about the schedules. In such a situation, the best way to get around is to rent a car which means that you move around at your own pace while enjoying the comfort. When you decide that hiring a car is the most convenient thing for you, there are factors that you should consider in your search. 

Consider the Insurance Policy

By default, every car should have insurance. When you are hiring a car, confirm the insurance details for your own benefit. It should at least include comprehensive and collision coverage. With this, you are sure that if the car is damaged in an accident, you will not be asked to settle the repair costs. Some car rental agents allow transfer of coverage from your own car to theirs, but you should not assume that all of them do.

Often times physicians will have a different insurance rate because they have proved themselves to be responsible drivers. Always, ask if there is a discount for people who can present online ACLS recertification. This will show that not only are you likely a better driver but also ready for a medical emergency if one occurs during driving.

Inspect the Car

Ensure that you inspect the car that you are about to take and sign an inspection form. In the form, any dent or scratch or something out of the ordinary should be indicated on the form, and a staff should countersign. This should happen before signing the contract as it assures you that you will not be charged for mistakes that are not yours.

Consider the Make and Model

Depending on the luxury that you are looking for, the number of people you are traveling with or the amount of luggage that you have, you should get a car that best suits you. You do not need to hire an expensive car that is too large or even too small. 

Work with a Reputable Car Rental Agency 

Working with a reputable car rental agency gives you peace of mind. A reputable company has great reviews; it has been in business for long, has affordable packages and meets most expectations. You can learn more about the staff and the operations of that company to know more about it. 

Consider Your Budget

Considering your budget is very important. Prices range from the most affordable to luxurious ones that are quite pricey. While some car hire companies offer cars from cheap to luxurious ones, there are others that offer only luxurious cars while others offer only affordable ones. It is advisable that you narrow down the search depending on your budget. You can get better discounts and packages if you focus on a specific car rental agency. 

Hiring a car is very convenient as it does not only save you time, but it also guarantees comfort. It takes off the hassle of waiting for public transport. This is the reason you should research well and settle on a car rental company that is reliable. If you need any accessories, confirm whether they are provided free of charge, or there are extra costs. At the end of the day, it is all about convenience and affordability.

Expensive Car Rental Mistakes that You Should Avoid Making

Car rentals are a great way of getting around when you are in a new city. They are convenient, but they come with a lot of costs that can be confusing. Here are some common mistakes that could be costing you money on a car rental and tips on how you can avoid these hidden costs.

1. Buying Extra Car Insurance that You Do Not Need

Before renting a car, you should check to see if your car insurance policy covers personal liability and collision damage when you use rental cars. Most insurance policies do, or your credit card may also offer secondary collision coverage, which will cover anything that is not covered by your personal car insurance.

If you do not have an auto policy or are worried about the premium increases if you need to use it, then you should consider about using the car rental company’s insurance.

2. Prepaying for the Gas

This can seem very convenient at the time, but it could be a waste of money. You will pay for a full tank of gas, which you may not use. The best option is to fill the car up you. It will be cheaper because you can get better gas prices at a close gas station. You should also make sure that you know how much gas needs to be in the car when you return it. Some car rental companies will charge you if the gas gauge is not at the right level.

3. Not Shopping Around

Before booking a car rental, you should take the time to shop around. The rates for a car rental will depend on the company and the weekend that you are booking it for. There are websites that make it easy to check car rental rates, and you should also check for coupons online. Auto Slash is a great option because it will track the rates and will re-book your car rental if the rates drop.

You should also make sure what the mileage cap is. Most car rental companies will offer unlimited miles if you pay for the upgrade, which can save you money if you plan to do a lot of driving. There are some companies that have tight mileage caps, especially on short car rentals.

When shopping around ask if they provider a discount for ACLS certification online. Insurance companies will often give you a better rate if you have proof of ACLS certification.

4. Returning the Car Late

Many car rental businesses charge for their rentals on a 24 hour time period. Some will have a grace period, but you should avoid returning the car late. You will most likely be charged for an extra day if the car is late. The best option to avoid these late fees is to rent the car for an extra day. Many times, there are hidden costs when you rent a car. You should make sure that you understand what you are paying for and any fees that could be added to your bill at the end. This could save you a lot of money on your next car rental.

Tips to Save on Car Rentals

Summer is a busy time for the car rental companies as more and more people are hitting the road this season.  Prices are also expected to increase during the month of June up to August.  During the month of July, rental car rates will increase by as much as 50% compared to the rate during off season.  To help you save money during peak season, we compiled a complete guide on a different aspect that relates to renting your summer vehicle.

Avoid the Branded Names

You should avoid the large and branded companies and choose an independent agency.  Independent agencies normally have a low operating cost which is why they normally cost 15-30 percent lower compared to the bigger companies. Newer companies will also try to increase their brand recognition by offering a discount.

Finding Discount Online

There are lots of online sites that are offering coupon and discount codes.  Simply visit Google and type the name of the car rental company together with the word discount code.  The companies will also provide coupon code to their loyal customers.  There are also different companies that allow you to combine the discount and coupon codes that will significantly reduce the cost and online pokies no deposit.

Tracking the Cost

There are websites such as Autoslash that will let you check coupons and low rates on your date of trips.  In addition, you can also book a reservation on this site.  Normally, they are in partnership with other companies which will allow you to use discount codes.  By tracking the cost, you will be able to find the most affordable car rental during your trip.

Avoiding the Airport

Car rental companies that are off the airport are generally much cheaper compared to the car rentals on the airport.  For instance, the rental company that is located near the airport in Boston will normally cost $50.49 per day.  Those who will choose to take the subway will realize that the rental companies located off the airport will only cost $39.98 per day.

Reserving the Car for a Longer Period

This tip may sound a bit counterintuitive, but adding an extra hours to extend your car rental period will lower your overall rate.  This strategy aims to take advantage to those who will travel during the weekend.  This technique is like tricking the system thinking that you are booking weekend rental which is considerably cheaper.

Negotiate With the Company

Even if you already book a rental car, it may be necessary to see if you can negotiate in finding a better car at a more affordable price.  Those who do not ask will not get the things they want.  The success of your negotiation is contingent upon the number of the cars and even the mood of the manager.  However, most of the companies will be happy to place you in a less-popular and bigger car.

Finally, rental companies are also offering their cars at a lower rate to those who are willing to pay now.  The prepay rate of the rental company is about $173/week compared to the post pay rate that is $30 higher.


Factors that Determine the Price of Car Rental

Using a private car is more luxurious and enjoyable than using public transport. When renting a car, you have the autonomy to choose the car that has the features that you want. Besides comfort, you should choose a car that has the power to withstand the journey hindrances. When you are travelling to rough regions like the desert and forests, you should rent a car that has the ability to withstand the rigors of the journey. When you are going for official duties, you should also choose the car that will give you comfort. Special events like weddings and ceremonies might require you to choose any car that you find convenient.

Miles You Will Be Travelling

The renting agreement or plan is normally described prior to renting a car. If you are fueling the car yourself, you will pay less as compared to when the car is fueled by the company. The longer miles you will cover, the expensive the car becomes. The price tends to be a little but higher when you are going to risky places like deserts, rocky areas and places where the probability of car damage is high.

Taxes Imposed on the Car Rental Company

When the taxes are high, the rental company will raise the fees of renting a car because it wants to create profits. The relationship of taxes and car rental pricing might not be seen directly by the client, but the rental company calculates this and ensures that it is imposed to the client. Taxes vary from city to city, and sometimes high profile cars end up being taxed more than the low profile cars. This leads to an increase in price. Taxes are low in some cities which is why people might rent a car in a different city.


Dealing with cars is a very risky business, and companies do want to earn losses easily. This is why many of them recommend that you buy the Collision Damage Waiver. It is meant to compensate all damages caused by the renter on his or her journey. Sometimes your auto insurance can apply to the rented cars so the price could be a little bit high. There are other companies that do not require any insurance to cover you; they just operate freely, so their prices are low always.

Assessment Fee

Everything is well assessed after you return the car to ensure that it is not damaged or compromised in any way. This assessment is done at a fee because you are the one who used the car. When it is found with any missing or damaged part, you will be told to pay for that compromised part. Anything that is found to be in a different condition from the way you it was when the car was given to you will result to extra charges.

The bottom line is that you should always ensure that you drive safely and perfectly so that you don’t break the car or compromise it.